Grace-Driven Life

“For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace”
— John 1:16

Grace-Driven Life is the theme of the concluded 2015 REBAP Family Camp. It sounds like a replicate of the explosive best-seller, Purpose-Driven Life. On the contrary, Grace-Driven Life will call on Christians to draw their drive for living from the same source that saves from sin – the grace of God. That grace is not only for conversion; but its abundance is promised for every stage of Christian living.

You can download the messages below:

  1. Session 1: Grace Forgives and Justifies – Pastor Rodel Lasco
  2. Session 2: Grace Transforms and Sanctifies – Pastor Rolly Seveses
  3. Session 3: Grace Calls and Enables – Pastor Mon Macapagal
  4. Session 4: Grace Sustains and Preserves
  5. Session 5: Grace Awes and Humbles
  6. Q&A